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Our SLASHERS DEN section details the upcoming film screenings, panels and talks we will be having.


Documentary & Talk

This Halloween we'll have Rich Lawden, the man behind the documentary "Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains!" giving a talk and answering questions.

Ghostwatch was a BBC Screen One special drama which aired on Halloween Night, 1992. The programme took the guise of a live TV investigation into the supernatural, though not all of its 11.07 million viewers were aware the show was fiction.

This led to a considerable amount of debate concerning the line between fact and fiction in TV programming, and the film remains greatly discussed to this day, in both fan and academic circles.

The Behind the Curtains retrospective project was founded in 2007 to further explore the programme, and its lasting effects. Released to strong reviews, the documentary is currently available to view at BFI Mediatheques nationwide, and also featured in BBC Store's Frightmares collection.


Horror wouldn’t be horror without the paranormal teams to investigate strange happenings. This is why we’ve got Project Paranormal West Midlands coming to the show this Halloween. Not only are they bringing some of their incredibly interesting museum pieces for your perusal, but they will be giving a talk about their paranormal activities.

Project Paranormal West Midlands are a team that investigates paranormal locations and owns a haunted objects museum.
The team consists of Karen and David Barret who are investigators with over 25 years investigating experience between them. Ian Ainsley an investigator with 10 years experience, also a Demonologist - a field he has been studying for many years.

Jason Love is an honorary member of the team that comes on some of our investigations; he is an investigator and internationally renowned Demonologist.

The team have traveled extensively throughout the UK investigating not only the well known haunted locations, but also some hidden gems that haven't been investigated in depth. Highlights of their adventures are Bran Castle in Romania, Leap Castle and Charlesville Castle in Romania.

They started collecting haunted items about a year ago and have some items that have darker pasts; these include a Dybbuk Box, the Demon Abaddon doll, which was used by satanic groups to summon demonic forces, a beheading sword from 1700's Tibet and a torture boot.

They have many other items in their collection which you’ll be able to view at the show.


 THE QUACKY SLASHER (35.52 mins)

Scarred by events from his childhood, Michael Quackers has spent 20 years in a psychiatric ward. Until now...

Returning home to fight the criminal underbelly of his town, Michael must become the one thing that scares him most if he is to succeed. He must become... a Duck.

The Quacky Slasher is the new Horror Comedy short film from Slumberjack Entertainment, written and directed by Dead Town creator, Peter Mckeirnon.‚Äč

GOOD TIDINGS (99 mins)

Best Feature at the Starburst International Film Festival 2016
A homeless war-veteran with a chequered past must rely on a side of himself once thought buried when he and his companions are targeted on Christmas Day by three vicious psychopaths in Santa suits.

Watch the trailer below and catch the full film at Birmingham Horror Con Halloween Special!


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 SNOW (13.58)

Produced by Blaze of Gory

The classic fairy tale of Snow White given a modern update written by a 12 year old with a disturbing grasp of terror.

Vikki Spit
Susan Adriensen
Duff Eynon
Lord Zion

Written by Blaize-Alice Szanto and directed by David VG Davies .

CLOWNFACE (10 minute short of the proposed feature film)


At Birmingham Horror Con we’ll be showing a ten minute short of the film ‘Clownface’ and then the following members of the cast and crew will be holding a panel to talk about it.

Mark Adams – Producer
Alex Bourne – Writer & Director
Phil Baily – Clownface
Dani Tonks – Zoe (To be confirmed)

With her housemate out clubbing, Zoe (Dani Tonks) was hoping for some quality alone time with her boyfriend Rick (Tom Loone). However, she didn't realise that she had become the latest target for the elusive serial killer, CLOWNFACE (Phil Bailey). Wearing a mask of flesh fixed in a sadistic grin, the mysterious psychopath is no laughing matter. CLOWNFACE presents a homage to classic slasher films with a modern approach, offering blood, sex, masochism and murder.
Written and Directed by Alex Bourne (The House of Screaming Death) and Produced by Mark Adams (My Bloody Banjo, Carnival of Sorrows), CLOWNFACE is part of the new wave of independent British horror films. Shot in Birmingham, UK and involving some of the best upcoming talent in the country, this short film offers a glimpse into the sadomasochistic world of CLOWNFACE... a teaser for the full terror that will be unleashed in the upcoming feature film production!


15 Second Horror Film Challenge is a nonprofit international film-making contest which celebrity judges decide the top films and share their personal picks.

Horror Con Birmingham will showcase 2016's greatest hits, from top films to fan favorites, including the results revealed by three dozen celebrity selfies

THE SLAYERS (96 mins)

It has to be said before you read the synopsis that I loved this hilariously funny film!

The Slayers follows 2 cult members as they break ranks and decide to go on a adventurous road trip to make the most of, what they believe to be, the last two weeks on earth.

The two hapless men plan a bucket list and head off in an old motor-home to the mountains of Scotland to camp,meet girls and drink.

It isn't long before Nigel and Jobe start to encounter strange characters who claim to be vampire slayers. Believing it to be a test from god, they follow the slayers in battle with vampires and the boys own stupidity.



SEIZE THE NIGHT is a high octane horror/sci-fi thrill ride from independent British filmmaker Emma Dark.

After escaping from a secret government bio-research compound renegade vampire assassin Eva (Emma Dark) is hell bent on revenge. Receiving a tip off from the mysterious Dante (Anthony Ilott, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort) she meets with arms dealer Joe (Paul Ewen, Cockneys vs Zombies) who informs her that an enemy is hot on her tail. Eva hunts the hunter and encounters a team of werewolves, led by pack alpha Tobias (Carey Thring, From Hell). During their confrontation Eva learns a terrible secret and is forced into a situation of such gravity she may have to join forces with the devil she knows in order to fight the greatest of all evils.

Trailer -

PATIENT ZERO (Episode 1)
Dead At The Gates

Birmingham Horror Con is very pleased to announce that we will be airing the first episode of Pathogen Film's new series 'Infected Earth' at the show. The screening will be followed with a Q & A panel with members of the production team and possibly some cast. As well as the screening and panel, Pathogen will be promoting the show in the main hall too.

Synopsis of Episode 1 - Dead At The Gates

In the midst of a viral outbreak a group of survivors become involved in a deadly game of lies and betrayal, they soon realise zombies are not the only threat they have to face as truths about the outbreak emerge and new deadly players join the game.

With the undead all around them they must race against time to uncover the truth and stop a maniacal group bent on turning what's left of humanity into mindless mutations. Only one man holds the key to the truth but first he must face his demons and a ghost from the past.

Check the trailer out below.


BEIGE (15 mins)

A contemporary comedy horror which explores the mindset of a man who has just murdered his wife. He thought that meant he would have the last word...he was wrong.



We are pleased to announce the first of the films we will be showing at Birmingham Horror Con Halloween Special in 'The Slashers Den' called - The Legend of the Chained Oak.

When a writer begins to investigate Oakamoor's mysterious Chained Oak, the chance find of a seventeenth-century journal detailing the reasons for the Oaks chaining throws a new and terrifying light on the popular legend. Accounts of human sacrifice, witchcraft and warnings of a curse placed on the village by a woman named Mabel Othan litter the tattered pages.

An enthusiastic and experienced team is hastily formed and begin to investigate the journals outlandish claims. However, as they begin to dig deeper into the myth and folklore that surrounds the Oak, a series of chilling events lead the team to believe that maybe the horrifying claims of witchcraft and human sacrifice made by the journal hold an element of truth after all.

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