GOT A QUESTION? Here’s our FAQ’s

Is there a car park?

We have a 600 space car park - free for you to park on subject to availability. It is on your left as you enter the venue grounds.

Is there a cloak room?

Yes it is located just behind the ticket desk to your right.

Is the show in one room?

No, the show is spread over 5 rooms – the main hall on the ground floor and rooms 1182, Banqueting Suite, Committee Lounge and the Panel room are located through door E4 as you enter the building and then on the 2nd floor.

Where can I eat?

There is an onsite restaurant that serves hot & cold food all day and an ALDI supermarket across the road to get food if you want more choice. Please note you cannot take your own food up into the restaurant to eat it there.

What if I need help?

Our staff will be around the venue all day dressed in blue t-shirts with 'STAFF' written on the back - they will assist you should you have a query.

Where are the toilets?

Toilets are located in the main hall along the right hand wall as you enter - ladies & disabled by the entrance and the men’s at the opposite end of the room. There are also toilets located off room 1882, outside the Banqueting Suite and around the venue.

When does the show open?

The show times are from 9am (Early Birds only) till 6pm – normal entry into the show is from 11am on Saturdays and on Sundays it's 10am till 5pm.

Is there a brochure or show guide?

Yes, as you enter the venue to pick up your wristbands, please pick up our show guide that will give you information about the floor layout of the venue and the times for events. The image shown in this post is the cover.

All events, talks, photoshoots etc will be announced over the PA system and will be printed in our free show guide.

Cosplay weapons & props – are there any restrictions?

Whilst we encourage you to dress up as your favourite characters, please do not bring any real blades, chainsaws, axes and guns (without red tips) or anything that could be deemed dangerous to the public as we will confiscate them on your entry into the show.

Banned items

Decommissioned & Real Guns/rifles
BB Guns and Air Rifles
Blades of any kind
Metal props

You can bring plastic, resin, foam and soft wood props only.

This is not to ruin people’s enjoyment, but to ensure everyone’s safety.  All visitors to the show will be checked by security scanners before entry.

Remember:  If it’s illegal to carry on the street – it’s also illegal in our shows.  Failure to abide by these rules will result in refusal of entry into the show.

Is there anywhere for me to change into my cosplay?

There are toilets located around the venue for you to change into your costumes. Please do not ask to use our changing rooms as these are restricted to cosplay guests only.  We do not provide a changing room for cosplayers except for our guests.

Can I buy tickets on the day?

Yes you will be able to buy tickets on the day (Except of those that are sold out such as the VIP)

Can I take photographs at the show?

Yes you can.

Can I purchase a professional photo with the guest/s of my choice?

Yes you can.

Can I purchase an autograph from the guest/s of my choice?

Yes you can.

Is the venue disabled friendly?

Yes it is.

I have a student ticket do I need proof?

Yes. You need to bring your Student Union Card or Student Card as proof.

I have a disabled ticket do I need proof of my disability?

If your disability is not visible then yes you will need o prove your eligibility.

Does my carer get in free?

If you have a full time registered carer they can get in free, but they will need to provide proof that they care for you.

What age do children have to pay from?

Children under 5 are free. Between 6 and 13 need a standard child ticket. Over 14’s need an adult ticket. All children must be accompanied by a paying adult.

What do the traders sell?

The traders sell a variety of merchandise, books & comics, film & TV props, toys, autographs, related clothing & jewellery plus pop culture items.

If you have any other questions please do ask and we'll do our best to answer as quickly as possible.
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