Our SPOTLIGHT section details professionals and businesses that are putting on live demonstrations of SFX Make-Up, Prosthetics, Photography, Mould Making and much more - keep checking back for updates.


Pandora's Box Zoo Days are an animal rescue zoo with a twist. It’s our second year at Horror Con and we will be bringing everyone's favourite phobias, from coloured Tarantulas and huge snakes to rather large rats.

Our zoo has met many amazing horror icons already including Ken Sagoes (Nightmare on Elm Street) and the fantastic Tony Moran (Michael Myers).

With our zoo, we have a few rules.

We know this is a horror con, but we don't want the animals to be scared. Please don't bang on any tank or put any fingers in bars. Don't feed our animals anything other than food we have provided. Please allow our animals time for rests for food and water. Limit flash photography if possible. Any sharp props or costume parts must be please removed before handling. Please make sure false blood or paint is all dry - we don't want to leave with animals a different colour to what we brought them.

We provide hand sanitiser, so please use this after handling - enjoy yourself and try beating your phobia if you dare!

SFX LIVE DEMO: ROGUE CREATIONS SFX (Harry Potter/James Bond/The Decsent)

For the Liverpool and Birmingham horror specials Mike Peel will be bringing one of Victor Wright's creations to life, The Dark Lord: Seribulous as featured in Vic's series of books - Light of Darkness.

Watch how Mike brings the character to life throughout the day with the use of prosthetics and make up effects.

Rogue Creations SFX provide all manner of Special Effects for the film, TV, commercial and theatre industry ranging from big budget feature films to more independent and short films.

With over 15 years experience working in the FX industry they can provide a full range of high quality FX including

Prosthetics and Make-Up Effects
Life and Body Casting
Sculpting- Mouldmaking- Casting
Creature Design and Realisation
Horror and Fantasy Characters
Props and Replicas
Models and Miniatures

They also have a variety of props for hire or they can be tailor made for your project or production.

Company Director Mike Peel, has worked on a variety of blockbusters and features over the years for some of the top effects companies in the UK, as a freelancer he employed his skills on "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", "Casino Royale" , "V for Vendetta", "The Descent" and "Evil Aliens" and brings his vast knowledge and experience to Rogue Creations.

Mike also teaches and demonstrates SFX in a variety of colleges and schools.


Horror wouldn’t be horror without the paranormal teams to investigate strange happenings. This is why we’ve got Project Paranormal West Midlands coming to the show this Halloween. Not only are they bringing some of their incredibly interesting museum pieces for your perusal, but they will be giving a talk about their paranormal activities.

Project Paranormal West Midlands are a team that investigates paranormal locations and owns a haunted objects museum.
The team consists of Karen and David Barret who are investigators with over 25 years investigating experience between them. Ian Ainsley an investigator with 10 years experience, also a Demonologist - a field he has been studying for many years.

Jason Love is an honorary member of the team that comes on some of our investigations; he is an investigator and internationally renowned Demonologist.

The team have traveled extensively throughout the UK investigating not only the well known haunted locations, but also some hidden gems that haven't been investigated in depth. Highlights of their adventures are Bran Castle in Romania, Leap Castle and Charlesville Castle in Romania.

They started collecting haunted items about a year ago and have some items that have darker pasts; these include a Dybbuk Box, the Demon Abaddon doll, which was used by satanic groups to summon demonic forces, a beheading sword from 1700's Tibet and a torture boot.

They have many other items in their collection which you’ll be able to view at the show.


Check out this amazing cake company who make horror themed works of art.

Dare you set foot into the dark side of cake?

Karen Mitchell, the multi award winning cake artist from Sugarlicious Cakes is here to delve you deep into the mysterious world of horror and fantasy cakes.

Each cake you see is completely uniquely sculptured with love and FEAR. Specialising in horror, comic and fantasy genres, Karen's one-of-a-kind creations are perfect for all you cake lovers with a twist out there, ranging from birthdays all the way to huge events.
Bringing back the movie classics to life in edible form, take a bite out of your favourite movie monster, just watch out, it might bite back!
At the show you'll be able to see some of Karen's amazing sculptures with cake!


This year at Birmingham Horror Con we are delighted to announce Andy Rowlands will be in attendance with his Aliens Nostromo spacecraft model. Very timely with the release of the new Aliens film ‘Aliens Covenant’.

Here’s how Andy describes his work.

“I was so impressed with the interior sets of the Nostromo spacecraft from the original Alien movie, that in the early 1980s, I decided to see if I could make models of a few sections. This was purely for my own use and was never intended to be seen by anyone else. Over the next year or so I carried on making different sections, and ended up with seven separate parts that butt up to each other in different configurations to represent different parts of the ship. They then sat in a wardrobe for the next 30 years until the advent of digital cameras with their large depth of field allowed decent photos to be taken. I posted them in a Facebook modelling group and was amazed at the response, and one of the results of that is being kindly invited to show the models at this event.”


In our continued effort to bring you some of the best entertainment possible Birmingham Horror Con have managed to get our grubby mits on some incredible items from the films - Blade I & II.

Starting with Wesley Snipes screen worn outfit, sword and gun from the first (And in my opinion the best) film. And from the second film we have Blades gun, sword and two of his metal stakes.

A great opportunity to see some items from an awesome series of films!


Oh how we love to be different!  We now  have three Walking Dead guests for Birmingham Horror Con (Halloween Special) this October - Jeremy Palko, Peter Zimmerman & Ann Mahoney. So we thought what better way to celebrate this amazing series by giving you the opportunity to get your own apocalyptic photos in a set from the show!

There are three sets – one each from Series 1, 3 & 7

See the store for photo opportunities and entrance into the feature.

*Please note this is a paid feature and is not included in general entry

PANEL Q & A  With DAN WEATHERER (Author & Playright)

Dan Weatherer is an author and playwright. He is also the person behind The Legend of the Chained Oak and Beige. After both films have been screened, Dan will be hosting a 15 minute panel to discuss the films, their development and what the future holds.

Predominantly an author of short fiction and as a published Playwright, his work has been performed in both London and San Francisco. He is a Blackshaw Showcase finalist and a two time Congleton Players One Act Festival finalist.


Birmingham Horror Con is pleased to announce our partnership and support of the Monster Charity Project, whom you can meet and find out more about their activities at the show.

Following on from the very successful Biker Scout Helmet Project, 25 of the UKs top SPFX artists are coming together for the Monster Charity Project. Customising 25 monster Busts that will be auctioned October 2017 in aid of Make A Wish UK

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